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The World’s Biggest Joint Weighs a Massive 4.20 Pounds


Weighing in at 4.20 pounds, Tony Greenhand rolled the biggest joint ever!

If you’ve ever gone through a joint and thought to yourself “I wonder what the biggest joint ever” is, well now you know. Through a technique called “twaxing”, or add concentrated cannabis to your flowers, Tony Greenhand successfully rolled the world’s largest joint in April 2016, after a total of 7 years attempting to create a fully functional joint.

You might be wondering how this is possible- How much paper, how was this rolled, and how was this monster even smoked? Over the course of 5 days, the joint was rolled for a public audience in Oregon. The process began with 1.8k grams of bud, and a hand-crafted rug of paper where the weed would soon find its home. Greenhand used a food processor to eat through all 1,800 grams, and then roll 2 layers around it. Fifty-four holes were made in order to ensure airflow, and after a gay of sitting, the giant joint was ready to be smoked.

Rolling the biggest joint ever took serious planning and foresight.

The joint was painted with food-safe paint to look like a watermelon, and a hose was attached with a screen filter. When the mega-joint was ready to go, it burned for a total of three hours. Born in a living room, and later taken to the streets, this joint will go down in history as the world’s largest roach. People from around town came to take hits, and all who wanted a piece of the action were allowed.

The biggest joint (for now) is a colorful watermelon

Giant blunts won’t end their show here – many companies are beginning to put their foot in the door of the marijuana industry. Gentleman Quinn’s will bring the first luxury blunt to the weed market, featuring 2 grams of weed per-joint, with a filter. This is a big step up from typical gas-station cigar wraps, hand-wrapped. Luxury blunts, home-rolled joints, and giant roaches will become more popular as the pot industry continues to grow after the November votes.


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