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Hint: It’s not really about marijuana, itself. One benefit of the Trump Era is that certain people feel empowered to “say the quiet parts out loud.” In the process, they show you who they really are. Enter Kansas lawmaker Steve Alford, Republican of Ulysses, who held a “legislative coffee event” over the weekend, according to The Kansas City Star, and got himself into some trouble. Alford was asked about the prospect of legalizing marijuana, an issue-of-the-moment now that Jeff Sessions is trying to haul federal drug policy back to 1982. Alford’s response was something to behold: The video of Alford’s remarks isn’t any better: (Oh, and on the rest of Alford’s speech: No one is suggesting we legalize marijuana for minors, or that it be legal to use marijuana and then operate a motor vehicle under the influence. Why Are So Many White Male Republicans Afraid of Weed?

thumbnail courtesy of esquire.com