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Weed Weddings: Marijuana Wedding Cake and No Alcohol Allowed


Okay, maybe we exaggerated a bit – alcohol isn’t being excluded at these weddings, but it will have some competition. In places where marijuana has been legalized, it was only a question of when, not if, wedding planners would think to get in on the new possibilities for business legalization has brought to Colorado. Some people are always going to complain, but when you get right down to it, other than a hangover, what’s the difference between offering guests something to toke, or something to drink?

Ideas for using cannabis as part of the plan are only limited by your imagination. Imagine, instead of the expected “toast” to the bride and groom after the ceremony, guests raise a lighter, and hit a pipe instead. Or, vaping stations can be set up for the non-smokers. A really good idea is “bud-tonnieres” that use sativa, or indica as the design material instead of flowers. If you get a bud to wear on your chest, chances are you got a pipe to smoke it in as a wedding party gift when you arrived. Instead of bridesmaids carrying roses, why not artfully designed bouquets of cannabis leaves, and buds?

Everyone raise your bong to the bride and groom, cannabis wedding style!

A lot of people go to weddings for the food, and you can bet what’s on the menu is going to be just as tasty as what you stuffed in the pipe they gave you. People have been cooking with cannabis for a long time whether it was legal or not, and now that it is, “cannabis catering” is another business that’s on the way up, fast. Grannie’s old pot recipes are legal now, and for those of us that are useless as cooks, maybe she’ll publish them someday so people who can’t afford to have a wedding catered can still come up with their own cannabis buffet.

Since the beginning of the year, people have been heading for Colorado to enjoy the freedom of being able to take a “green tour,” and smoke a legal joint. Out of the truck load of new businesses in Colorado these days, it looks like “green weddings” are going to be the next thing to bring in tourists, and their money. For those of us not lucky enough to live in Colorado, or anywhere near it, don’t despair. It may have recognition as the “first,” but sooner or later, Colorado won’t be the “only,” and then the rest of us stoners can enjoy the same privileges those lucky dogs have right now.

Every center piece would be a designer pipe or bong for the table to enjoy.


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