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High Fashion Trend: Weed Manicures with Actual Weed Leaves


Weed Manicures, “Weedicures” are sweeping the nail industry.

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Cannabis-infused manicures are a growing trend in weed-friendly states and will surely reach the runway very soon. Dubbed by fans as “canni-manis” or “weedicures”, the unique nail art preserves cannabis plant material on top of the nail. Louisiana Pham, owner of Orchid Nail Lounge in San Francisco can be credited for starting the trend at Hempcon 2014. While it’s been a trend to draw weed leaves with nail-art pens for quite some time, she decided to get creative and incorporate actual cannabis plant residue. Orchid Nail Lounge doesn’t carry cannabis in the shop itself, but canni-manis are offered as a service to customers who bring in their buds legally through the state’s medical marijuana program. Since then, the fashion trend has grown quite a bit and will likely only continue to grow in coming months.

Weedicures are a simple process, not too different from what someone would typically receive when getting nail art done. Nail technicians grind up buds and embed flecks into gel or acrylic nails. Another method is to apply it after the base coat and to seal in the plant before a clear top coat, leaving the customer with an odor-less result. What we’re saying is that you won’t have to worry about walking around smelling like weed.

Weed Manicures are Flashy, but Subtle

Nail art is traditionally a very flashy fashion statement and this takes it a step further – women are able to show their support for legalization of marijuana with their nails. The idea that tiny amounts of a plant that aren’t legal on a national level are being used in very stylish manicures is a ridiculous concept that many women are flocking to. It’s such a subtle look that many will quickly glance over without realizing what’s on them. Once someone realizes though, it’s a brilliant way to show that you’re pro-legalization.

We advise anyone reading about this trend to keep in mind the legal status of cannabis before requesting a weedicure from a local salon or doing it yourself. You may wind up in an awkward situation with law enforcement if you haven’t acquired your marijuana in a safe, legal manner. If you aren’t in a weed-friendly state, we suggest opting for the older trend of painting weed leaves with nail-art pens. You should also take some time to show your support for legalization in your local community, especially if you hav a condition that can be effectively treated by the plant.


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