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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah House members appear willing to let terminally ill patients use medical marijuana, but they’re apparently reluctant to involve the state in cultivating the plant and dispensing the drug. Two bills considered Friday that would do those things went too far for some lawmakers but not far enough for others. The House voted 40-26 in favor of HB195 to legalize the use of certain types of medicinal cannabis for terminally ill patients. It would permit a doctor — advanced practice registered nurses were stripped from the current version — to recommend cannabis for a patient with six months or less to live. But legislators then rejected a companion measure, HB197, that allows the Utah Department of Agriculture to contract with a third party to oversee the growing and processing of full-strength cannabis in the state. The bill would also create a designated state dispensary to sell cannabis products to organizations. Utah House passes right-to-try bill, rejects cannabis growing, dispensing measure

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