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A man lights up a joint at Vancouver’s 4/20 event on Sunset Beach in 2017. (Rafferty Baker/CBC) As B.C. begins to fill in the details about how non-medical marijuana will be regulated and sold once officially legalized, the annual debacle around 4/20 — Vancouver’s ‘potestival’ celebrating cannabis culture — is just kicking off. The debate around the location of the event — which does not have a permit from the city — has been ongoing since it moved from the Vancouver Art Gallery to Sunset Beach. Organizers say that 4/20 is a boon to the local community and the businesses that surround the site, a free, family-friendly event that causes minimal damage to property when compared to other events endorsed by the city. Park board members argue the event violates smoking bylaws, costs thousands in repairs to public property and is one of the biggest sources of complaints from residents. ‘They got what they asked for’: with marijuana legalization on the way, is 4/20 obsolete?

thumbnail courtesy of www.cbc.ca