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Cannabis varieties with names like ‘Stardog’ and ‘Gelato’ selling for nearly three times the price of gold Drug dealers are selling luxury cannabis strains with names like ‘Stardog’ and ‘Gelato’ for nearly three times the price of gold. The astronomical rise in value for ‘connoisseur’ weeds has seen some exotic brands being sold for up to 2000 an ounce. It means the price of some hybrid strains of weed now easily outstrips the cost of an ounce of 21 carat gold at just 700. The lucrative trade has been driven by the legalisation of cannabis in some parts of the USA like California and Colorado. The change in law there has spawned a number of cannabis-producing brands whose “artisanal” and much sought after products are advertised online but can only be bought legally in the USA. Drug dealers in Birmingham are simply getting trusted contacts in the USA to post padded packages full of weed to dozens of secure addresses across the Midlands. Super-strain of cannabis selling in Birmingham for three times price of gold

thumbnail courtesy of birminghammail.co.uk