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The Next States Voting on Cannabis Legalization


9 States Voting on Cannabis Legalization (Medical and Recreational)

As big businesses begin to become more accepting of the legal pot-movement, it becomes imperative to the industry that medical and recreational usage becomes legal. The growing industry could lead to substantial changes in how we see industries such as food, gambling, and even construction. According to a ​Pew​ study, 57% of adult Americans are in support of the legalization of marijuana.

Arizona, Massachusetts, California, Maine, and Nevada will be voting on the legalization of recreational use of marijuana whereas four others, Arkansas, Florida, Montana, and North Dakota will be voting on the legalization of medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana is legal in nearly half the country- the addition of these states will lead the nation closer to a complete legalization of medical marijuana if the ballots are passed. In addition to these mainstream uses of cannabis, CBD oil is slowly becoming a key component in consumables with superfood-esque properties. For example, the first marijuana-infused beer was recently approved for consumer production.

All of these measures are on the ballot for November. How California votes will be a big game changer for other future states to vote on the Marijuana Reform due to their political pull in electoral votes. If other states to not begin to legalize marijuana, they will be missing out on potential profits from companies such as Monsanto, Marlboro, and Scott’s. Every 49 seconds, an arrest is made regarding Marijuana. Those arrested are forced to undergo extreme difficulties getting a job, house, and even volunteering. Expanding the success in Washington and Colorado will change the future of these Americans.

Keith Stroup, founder of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana laws notes that “There’s nothing more powerful when you’re trying to affect social change than having examples out there that are actually working,” to NBC News.

Arizona, who will be voting on the legalization of recreational marijuana usage, recorded a 50% support on the​ latest poll​. With early voting already underway on Proposition 205, Arizona voters are split between whether or not legalization should be carried out, which would create a viable industry for marijuana, tax it, and regulate it, or continue to limit itself to the legalization of medical marijuana. Arizona and Massachusetts have become important figures known for having such a large anti-marijuana following. Discount Tire made a $1 million donation alone to oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana, and the anti-legalization ads are seemingly never ending.

With the suspense of approaching votes, certain states become crucial players in the vote, such as California polling at 64% in September, and Massachusetts at 50%, the vote is split. With the pot movement at a crucial point, wavering between legal and illegal, these moments will be deciding factors as to how, if at all, we will see industries change due to the legalization of marijuana.


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