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Why does weed make you hungry? Science explains the munchies!


Okay, we already knew when the bud is good, the food is even better, and now modern science explains the munchies! According to research done at the University of Bordeaux on how THC affects the brains of mice, that irresistible urge to go see what’s in the kitchen is apparently triggered by an improved (way improved) sense of smell. According to neuroscientist, Giovanni Marsicano, THC activated cannabinoid receptors in their brains that sharpens the sense of smell. Research suggests that the brain is tricked by THC into feeling food deprived by causing the same sensations you’d feel if you hadn’t eaten for days.

These lucky mice were injected with liquid THC, and when given things like banana, and almond oils to sniff they wouldn’t quit until it was taken away. The “high” mice also ate as much as they were given. Poor things, the least they deserved is an “all you can eat” special for being used in a weed experiment without their consent. All mice that were not given THC did show an interest in the oils, but not for long. Only the mice with a buzz obsessed on the sweet-smelling oils. Well, so far, science hasn’t really figured out anything the average stoner didn’t already know. Cannabis is a natural enhancer for all your senses, especially smell, and taste.

Neuroscientist, Jaideep Bains of the University of Calgary, says that if the same thing occurs in humans, it could actually lead to the development of drugs to help people fight weight problems by interfering with their cannabinoid receptors. He says that some people who eat more than they should, may simply have an over-active sense of smell. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the most famous substance in the world for making some people feel like they are starving also become known as the main ingredient for a miracle weight control drug?

Many people in the world agree that one of the most un-cool things a person can do is be mean to an innocent animal. Seriously though, these mice were injected with liquid THC, not poison, and the worst thing they may have experienced is hunger if the food dish was taken away too soon, or not filled enough to begin with. When science is done playing with mice, sooner or later, human volunteers will be needed to test their theories, and it’s a safe bet the volunteer lines for that experiment will be at least a mile long.


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