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In the last days of 2017, most of the national news coverage was devoted to the bone-chilling cold that was sending even the hardiest souls in the Great White North running for cover indoors. But news of a different sort garnered some attention, too. The federal government announced it would fine licensed cannabis producers as much as $1 million per violation for using banned pesticides. It is among several penalties to be enshrined in the Cannabis Act, which is set to legalize recreational cannabis in July. Health Canada’s response to banned pesticides will be “proportionate to the level of risk posed to the health and safety of Canadians, the degree of cooperation offered, the compliance history, the likelihood of the reoccurrence of the activity, and whether any other non-compliant activities are also observed,” Andre Gagnon, the agency’s media relations officer, told Leafly. “I think it’s a positive step forward,” a consumer who had suffered health problems after smoking licensed cannabis told The Globe and Mail. Random Testing, Million-Dollar Fines: Canada’s Cannabis Pesticide Crackdown

thumbnail courtesy of leafly.com