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Inside the Fast Rise in Marijuana ETFs A Canadian firm is launching an exchange-traded fund that gives investors exposure to the U.S. recreational marijuana market — a sector that’s been largely avoided by other ETFs because of legal uncertainties. Horizons ETFs Management Canada Inc. has filed a preliminary prospectus to launch the Junior Marijuana Growers Index ETF, which includes companies with operations in the U.S. This is in contrast to Horizons’s existing

Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF, which avoids U.S. growers and focuses on larger companies with ancillary exposure like

Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. The new ETF will be listed on Canada’s Aequitas NEO Exchange instead of the Toronto Stock Exchange, where Horizons’s other marijuana ETF trades. That’s because the TSX has said it

may delist marijuana stocks which run afoul of U.S. federal law.  While pot is legal in several U.S. states including California and Colorado, it’s illegal federally. Canada plans to legalize it across the country this summer. New Junior Marijuana ETF Offers Exposure to US Businesses

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