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More People Will Smoke Marijuana than Cigarettes Very Soon


According to new polls, twice as many Americans admit to currently using marijuana compared to just a couple years ago. The Gallup survey, released August 2016 reports that 33 million Americans say they smoke or consume other forms of cannabis, either for medicinal or recreational use. For scale, this is bigger than the Texan population and almost the size of California’s populous.

Around 40 million Americans currently use tobacco products (including ecigarettes) and that figure is on a steady decline. Rapid social change in American behavior points towards marijuana usage to surpass tobacco in the next couple years. While this survey may be flawed out of participants’ paranoia of legal repercussions, it still shows a social trend that can’t be ignored.

In 2013, 7 percent of Americans admitted to using marijuana and this figure almost doubled to 13 percent in July of 2016. Recent legalization votes on a state level is the most likely explanation for this change in results, though the actual number of users is likely on the rise as well.

Colorado and Washington voters passed legalization of recreational usage of marijuana for adults in 2012 and 2 years later, Oregon, Alaska and the District of Columbia followed their lead. On the November 2016 ballot, California and Nevada will present the case of recreational legalization and Arizona, Maine and Massachusetts are likely to be the 3 states to vote next.


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