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Posted: Dec 29 2017 06:37PM PST Video Posted: Dec 29 2017 06:22PM PST Oakland, Calif. (Cristina Rendon/KTVU) – The countdown to cannabis legalization is underway in California and Harborside in Oakland is seeing a rush of customers before new regulations go into effect. There was a line outside the dispensary on Friday afternoon. Andrew De Angelo, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Harborside, said the last few days have been crazy with cannabis patients coming in and stocking up before taxes increase at the start of the new year. “I think that most people can expect at 10% to 30% increase in the product price, depending on what kind of product it is and depending on what form the product is in,” DeAngelo said. He said medical customers who show a valid county issued medical ID card can have the sales tax taken off their purchase price. Medical marijuana users flock to dispensaries ahead of new pot regulations

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