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Photo: Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office  NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Supporters of legalizing marijuana have asked why more than 20 businesses were padlocked in Rutherford County after being accused of selling CBD-laced candy. Safe Access Tennessee is a grassroots organization that is fighting for medical cannabis at local and state levels. The chairman argued that it is not possible to get high from CBD, which is a compound that can come from hemp or marijuana plants. It is legal to posses CBD in Tennessee, but only for patients who suffer from seizures and have a prescription. Advocates said if the candy was made with CBD oil from hemp and instead of marijuana, those businesses should not have been shut down, according to a 2014 law. “As long as it’s extracted from industrial hemp, that is most certainly legal in Tennessee. Marijuana Supporters Question Businesses Shut Down For CBD Candies

thumbnail courtesy of newschannel5.com