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Marijuana Infused Beer Approved For Sale


Dads and Dudes Breweria in Colorado finally got federal approval to sell their weed IPA in September. Although there’s no THC, but rather cannabidiol, and you won’t get a high. However, cannabis beer will get you drunk, just like any other alcohol. CBD oil is a compound found in cannabis that can be used to alleviate symptoms associated with PTSD, cancer, epilepsy, and migraines.

With lots more studies to go, the results so far for the effects of CBD have all been positive- even helping people out socially as well as physically. CBD infused dog treats have even seen growth in popularity. Canines with chronic diseases and illnesses benefit from the treat, which bring question as to how the compound can be infused for everyday usage for human consumers, such as applications in skin creams.

Marijuana infused beer will be the next trend among beer hipsters

Small breweries in Colorado have been experimenting with their cannabis brews since as early as 2010. The approval for sales was long overdue. With this approval, the beer can be distributed in non-marijuana legal states as well, such as California. This said, commercial breweries still aren’t approved for the big change. Coors couldn’t make cannabis beer even if they wanted to, due to policy conflicts  within the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

Colorado is home to 300 local breweries. This September approval is the first step to seeing more of these breweries hop on the CBD infusion train. With many unexplored health benefits, the product has plenty of room for advertising. The non-psychoactive CBD is going to be a more widely explored option, as it does not make you high, but rather helps dissipate certain symptoms revolving around chronic diseases and illnesses.

Because there is no THC content in the beer, America may begin to see an influx of Colorado-brewed cannabis drinks, and possibly eventually commercial brands as the pot movement moves forward.


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