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Competes in high-potential Florida medical cannabis market. The rapid pace of legalization, public acceptance and demand for medical cannabis remains a challenge to supply in the U.S. Company has added significant production capacity to meet expected demand. Looking to expand to other U.S. markets. Liberty Health Sciences (OTCQX:LHSIF) is a company competing in the medical cannabis sector in the U.S., operating in the state of Florida at this time, while looking to expand to other U.S. markets in the future. Along with other pot producers, it has been scrambling to ramp up production in response to the surprising pace of acceptance of marijuana as a medical treatment in the U.S. The company stated this as its purpose: “Liberty was launched to acquire and operate U.S.-based companies in the medical cannabis market, with initial focus of operations in the State of Florida where it entered into an exclusive Management Agreement with Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, LLC (“Chestnut”) which grants the company all economic risk and rewards associated with the Florida-based operation. Liberty intends to continue to target, for expansion, key U.S. states that have approved medical use of marijuana and meets its stringent investment criteria. Liberty Health Sciences Positioned Well In Medical Cannabis Market

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