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Before the ball dropped on New Years Eve, there were two unexpected elements of TV coverage, both from CNN: first, the chemistry between Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen was so awkwardly forced that I actually missed Kathy Griffin; and second, I did not envision seeing a reporter fire up a bong on a bus. Randi Kaye, who seems to draw the annual inebriation beat following her rough ride surrounded by rip-roaring drunks at the bar on a cruise ship last year, reported live Sunday night from a bus filled with stoners in Colorado, and everybody thought it was just hilarious. To be precise, she lit another reveler’s gas mask bong, and never seemed to inhale the joint she then held on camera. But one would think a few hours in a tight space with that crowd would be equivalent to at least a hit or two. I am not humorless. The vehicle was called the “Canni-bus,” and one rider displayed a rotating tray of buds and paraphernalia called the “Blazy Susan.” Legalizing marijuana undercuts parents’ wise advice: Don’t do drugs

thumbnail courtesy of dallasnews.com