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Teenager spent five years as a cannabis gardener in the UK being beaten and threatened, after he was seized from Hanoi aged 10 The Home Office has been accused of cruelty over a decision to send a child victim of trafficking, who spent years in enforced slavery cultivating cannabis plants in England, back to Vietnam, where he has no family. The child, known as S, was a 10-year-old orphan living on the streets of Hanoi, when he was picked up by gangsters and trafficked from Vietnam to England. For five years he was locked into a series of terraced houses which had been converted into cannabis farms, and forced to work as a cannabis gardener. He worked for no pay in dangerous conditions, watering the plants, mixing toxic growth-boosting chemical fertilisers, turning industrial lights on and off at eight-hourly intervals to maximise plant growth, and pruning and drying out the crops. The chemicals made him ill; he burned his hair and skin on the hot lamps, and occasionally got electric shocks from the tangle of wires powering the lights. For several years he lived alone, cut off from the outside world, under instructions to keep away from the windows, so passersby would not know he was inside. Home Office accused of cruelty for ordering cannabis slave back to Vietnam

thumbnail courtesy of theguardian.com