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Updated 7 hours 45 minutes ago The state’s new pot-tracking system was hacked some time Feb. 3, and an “intruder” stole route information associated with four days of marijuana deliveries, as well as other information. “It was a breach of the system and indications show they downloaded a copy of the traceability database,” said Brian Smith, a spokesman for the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB). “It did something in the system — I’m not at liberty to talk about — that affected the transfer and manifest data — that was, in part, responsible for the issues this week.” The state on Feb. 1 transitioned to a new marijuana-traceability system, Leaf Data Systems, which has been dogged by problems since its launch. The technology issues have kept marijuana growers and sellers scrambling to keep their businesses running. Hacker breaks into state’s marijuana-tracking systems, steals route information

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