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SAN ANTONIO – Former San Antonio Spurs forward Stephen Jackson publicly voiced his opinion about the NBA’s stance on legalizing marijuana in an interview with TMZ Sports on Thursday, saying he used to smoke after games. “I smoked (weed) my whole career. I had a hell of a career (and) missed no games,” Jackson said. “I’m not going to say it helped, but as far as after the games coming down and relaxing, yeah, it helped.” Jackson, who competed in the league for 14 seasons, joined the Spurs in 2001 playing through the 2003 season. He left the Spurs as a free agent, but later returned to San Antonio for the 2012 and 2013 seasons before being waived by the team one week ahead of the postseason. Jackson was also a key member of the Spurs’ 2003 championship run and in the TMZ Sports interview, he made it known “weed” helped his entire NBA career.  Jackson said in the interview that although many players claim they smoke before games, he never “played high” just after games. Former Spur: ‘I smoked (weed) my whole career’

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