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Finally, The First Ever Weed Commercial


After the first weed commercial aired, expect weed ads to be part of late night TV.

You won’t see it until after minors are supposed to be in bed, but it’s definitely worth waiting up to watch. This is history in the making, and has many an old stoner sitting around with big grins on their faces right now, because they got to know cannabis in the days when getting caught with it meant serious jail time. New Jersey is the first to give air coverage to an ad for a medical marijuana service. picked a unique way to advertise their service, and even if it wasn’t as good as it is, it would still be worth watching for what this one-minute ad represents to stoners everywhere.

It is aired on select, adult-oriented Comcast cable networks, including the Food Network, between 10 pm to 5 am. I can’t be the only one giggling right now to think of a cannabis commercial on the food channel. How cool is that? A commercial about where to buy good smoke, seen on a channel that inspires you to cook. It probably won’t be that long until the food network cashes in on the cannabis boom with a cooking show specifically for marijuana recipes, yummy. Chances are, that will be one of the most popular shows on t.v., and way more interesting than most of what’s on the tube these days.

Featured in the ad is a loser type of guy, with his jacket open wide, showing his samples of contraband sushi. The audio says, “You wouldn’t buy sushi from this guy, so why would you buy your marijuana from him?” The ad is meant to discourage MMJ patients from taking their business to the local dealer, and encourages the use of legal dispensaries instead. Rumor has it that New York pot dealers are gearing up for a cut in profits. There will always be people who’d rather skip the taxes on pot, so local dealers will still be in business, barely. Most of us will head to a dispensary, and bite the bullet on taxes, but at least doing it the legal way, you know what’s really in the bag. aims to connect patients with Licensed Physicians, and provide them with a safer option than the guy in the commercial. Taxed weed might cost more but the benefits are worth it. Going to a dispensary means you don’t have to wait hours for your dealer to call you back because legal establishments keep regular hours, and they always have what you want. Those are two things the sushi guy can’t top. He can try, but when you get right down to it, soon the only difference between street dealers, and dispensaries is going to be a business license. If they choose to operate without one, and get caught, they may not be in trouble with the law, but the IRS will want a word or two with them.


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