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Amy Clancy It is legal to have fewer than 40 grams of marijuana in your checked bag or carry-on when you arrive at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. But there are three separate law enforcement investigations currently being conducted on people suspected of trafficking large, illegal amounts of pot in and out of the airport. Two cases are being investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration and one case is being investigated by the Port of Seattle Police. Port of Seattle Police Deputy Chief Michael Villa told KIRO 7 that the pot “was essentially in bags that people were trying to carry through or had checked, and were trying to fly out of the airport.” According to investigative documents uncovered by KIRO 7, one suspect’s bag was recently “checked in under a juvenile’s name.” That juvenile allegedly admitted to “being paid to ship two other bags for an unknown person.” Federal officers, local police investigating marijuana trafficking through Sea-Tac Airport

thumbnail courtesy of kiro7.com