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In a highly unusual public rebuke, monster-company Unilever gave Facebook both barrels over its “toxic content” – and threatened to pull its advertising from the antisocial network. Speaking today at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual leadership meeting in Palm Desert, California, Unilever’s chief marketing officer Keith Weed used his keynote speech to blast the Mark Zuckerberg-run Facebook, and other social media companies, for what he said was an “erosion of trust.” “We are a million miles from the internet we envisioned,” said Weed. “Without trust, there is no data and without data there is no brand.” This erosion transcends other issues, he warned, adding: “We need to redefine what is responsible business in the digital age. We will only do business with companies that have responsible infrastructure.” Facebook gets Weed-whacked: Unilever exec may axe ads over social network’s toxic posts

thumbnail courtesy of theregister.co.uk