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On Thursday, Attorney General and notable fun-hater Jeff Sessions announced the end of an Obama-era policy that paved the road for legal pot and instead opened the door for cannabis prosecution by US attorneys. According to the Associated Press, US attorneys will be able to decide how to devote federal resources to marijuana enforcement and prosecution. This overturns the Cole memorandum signed by former Deputy Attorney General James Cole in 2013, which advised US attorneys to uphold states’ decisions regarding the legality of cannabis and not prioritize the use of federal funds for prosecuting cannabis in states where it had been legalized. Thursday’s announcement, while not necessarily unexpected from an anti-pot crusader like Sessions, is a blow to the businesses and investors that have spent billions on bringing the cannabis industry from the black market into the light of day, as well as the cannabis researchers who must navigate stringent drug laws to perform their research. The biggest potential losers, however, are the citizens of the states who were anticipating the large windfall from cannabis tax revenue and those who will be incarcerated for merely possessing cannabis. The loss of tax revenue may be significant. Democrats Should Run on a Platform of Legalizing Weed

thumbnail courtesy of vice.com