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Selling cigarettes in New Jersey may become more expensive. Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle, D-Bergen, who says she opposes legalization of cannabis for taxation, is instead drafting legislation that would increase the annual licensing fee for tobacco retailers. “It’s a healthier place to start,” said Huttle, in an interview with NJ Advance Media. Huttle notes that at just $50 a year, state tobacco licenses are currently under-priced, and increasing them to the prices paid for liquor licenses could yield a sizable tax revenue windfall. According to a spokeswoman for the New Jersey Department of the Treasury, there areĀ 10,580 licensed tobacco retailers in the state, netting the state more than half a million dollars in fees. Huttle said she hasn’t yet determined what the new, higher price of her revamped tobacco sales license should be. Democrat who opposes legal weed wants to increase tobacco fee instead

thumbnail courtesy of nj.com