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The medical cannabis industry is well-established in Connecticut. According to Michelle Seagull, commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection, there are 22,348 registered patients, more than 800 doctors willing to recommend cannabis for patients experiencing any of 22 medical conditions, as well as four grow sites and nine dispensaries scattered throughout the state, with plans to open three more dispensaries. Cannabis-related small businesses that cater to the non-medical community are more difficult to find. Cannabis-infused goods are being sold to the general public in Connecticut where the distillate is CBD (cannabidiol) derived from hemp. CBD, unlike the psychotropic THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has no psychoactive properties; users don’t get high. But CBD retains medicinal benefits, which include anti-anxiety, antiseizure, anti-inflammatory, pain relief. CT’s Cannabis Entrepreneurs Work Within The System

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