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เปิดภาพสเปรย์ Cannabis ยาพ่นบรรเทารักษามะเร็ง ผลสกัดจากกัญชา เปิดภาพสเปรย์ Cannabis ยาพ่นบรรเทารักษามะเร็ง ผลสกัดจากกัญชา thumbnail courtesy of

Mass. cannabis regulations take effect, licensing begins April 2

BOSTON - Massachusetts’ new Cannabis regulations are finally in place and business can start applying for licenses next week.  The Cannabis Control Commission filed its final regulations and they were officially added to the...

Terminal cancer patient claims cannabis has shrunk her brain tumours

Gemma Elsworth said she may not be alive today if it wasn't for CBD oil A cancer patient who was given just weeks to live claims the tumours in her brain are now shrinking...

Why some yoga classes are using pot in their practice

The group slowly makes their way to their mats, spread out in the centre of the Green Sprouts Cafe and Vapor Lounge. The Barrie, Ont., cannabis lounge hosts cannabis yoga classes every Sunday.  "We're always 15...

How Cannabis Tech Can Help Build a Better Cup of Coffee

In the hills near Santa Barbara, something funky is growing. No, it’s not the newest strain of bubba kush. It’s coffee, sprouting farther north than it should be. Coffee belongs in the tropics—it doesn't...

In the murky world of DC marijuana law, ‘pop-up’ markets thrive

In the murky world of DC marijuana law, 'pop-up' markets thrive thumbnail courtesy of

Even in Texas, hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs prep for legalization

All across the country, cannabis enthusiasts are getting ready for the day that prohibition ends. Entire industries are springing up around the fast-growing cannabis market. Even in Texas—which hasn’t legalized weed and doesn’t seem...

Senate leader introducing bill to legalize industrial hemp in all 50 states

Individuals with disabilities may contact Jerry Luna at, or 317.655.5680, for assistance with access to the public inspection files. WASHINGTON, DC (WTHR) - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – Kentucky) made an...

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Vicente Fox’s Global Vision: Legalization of All Drugs

“I just don’t like those two guys,” he says during a phone interview from his home base in the village of San Cristobal, in...

Legal Marijuana Market Share by 2023 Regional Growth, Revenue, Demands, Key Players

Legal Marijuana market report gives attention to market segmentation, market size, and forecast of 2018-2023 to help stakeholders in making a good decision for...