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Behind the “M Word”: The Forgotten Trans-Border History of Marijuana

At the end of the 19th century, cannabis was widely prescribed by US doctors for maladies from diarrhea to alcohol addiction. But when General Pancho Villa commandeered thousands of acres of his land in...

Former Mexican President Fox calls for opium poppy legalisation

Former Mexican President Fox calls for opium poppy legalisation thumbnail courtesy of

US Places Mexico Drug Kingpin On Most Wanted List

The founder of the former Guadalajara Cartel was charged Thursday by US authorities over drug trafficking and murders, including that of an American drug enforcement agent. Separately, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and FBI...

Mexico’s Supreme Court rules cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional

Last week we reported that Mexico’s Supreme Court was considering taking a major step toward adult use cannabis legalization. Lawyer Ulrich Richter sued for his right grow and consume cannabis, arguing that prohibition infringed...

They do things differently in Mexico…

They do things differently in Mexico. Especially when it comes to human rights and legalizing pot. Back in 2015, four members of the Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Consumption (the Spanish acronym is...

Aparicion de la santa muerte en terremoto en la ciudad de mexico aparicion ocurrio en el terremoto de la ciudad de mexico algo muy misterioso. Aparicion de la santa muerte en terremoto en la ciudad de mexico thumbnail courtesy of

Cannabis Legalization Begins Its Journey Through The Mexican Supreme Court

Cannabis activist and lawyer Ulrich Richter is trying to push the legalization of cannabis through the Mexican Supreme Court, according to Herb. In Mexico the courts have similar powers for enacting laws as politicians...

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N.Y. getting closer to legal weed. Here’s why that could be bad for N.J.

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