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Two held with ganja, charas

MOHALI: In the case of Punjabi singer Parmish Verma being shot at, the Mohali police on Saturday arrested a man who had uploaded threats on a Facebook page. Wearing a black and white mask,...

Three held with 26 kg ganja

Three held with 26 kg ganja thumbnail courtesy of

Make Nepal Green Again

Make Nepal Green Again thumbnail courtesy of

Police arrest 13 drug peddlers, seizes 24 kg hashish

BAHAWALPUR: During the police campaign against contraband substances, the district police have seized 24 kilogram of marijuana (Hash), arrested 13 drug peddlers and registered 13 cases under section 9-C of CrPC during last three...

Bad Nepali boys smoke with weed in india Bad Nepali boys smoke with weed in india thumbnail courtesy of

Indian container vehicle driver held with 160.5kg hashish

Indian container vehicle driver held with 160.5kg hashish thumbnail courtesy of

Mbanje ‘weed’ farmer arrested..Pictures

A man from Chipfuva village under Chief Ndanga was last Sunday arrested for growing 127 plants of dagga in his garden, some measuring three metres, TellZim News has learnt. The elderly Chavingira Chaviringa (67)...

420: How April 20 became Weed Day

Architectural Digest 420: How April 20 became Weed Day thumbnail courtesy of

Viewpoint: The pitfalls of India’s biometric ID scheme

More than a billion Indians now have the biometric-based 12-digit personal identification number called Aadhaar, which means foundation in Hindi. What started as a voluntary programme to tackle benefit fraud has now grown into...

Spectrum: Crafting a weed into a wonder

The plant that threatens to put the forest ecosystem at risk has become the primary source of our livelihood,” exclaimed Jadiyappa, who was busy scraping a Lantana camara stick with a sharp knife. A...

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