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If you smoke and then flush, the government will know it. Statistics Canada will be taking a somewhat creative approach to figuring out how much pot Canadians are actually consuming after the drug is legalized this summer. Namely, testing the wastewater we flush down the toilet. The agency issued a call for tender for the work on Monday morning, noting that wastewater in “perhaps 15 or 20” municipalities across the country will be tested on a monthly basis for “cannabis metabolites” and unnamed “other drugs.” WATCH: Blair says people concerned about timeline of pot legalization are ‘misinformed’ The analysis is expected to start before marijuana is legalized this July, and continue in the months following legalization. It could provide the agency with a more accurate estimate of how much of the drug is actually being consumed than could be obtained through a traditional survey. The consumption of drugs leaves behind biomarkers in human waste. Canadian government aims to flush out marijuana usage stats with wastewater study

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