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In three separate raids Friday, San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies found more than 7,000 marijuana plants being grown illegally in the High Desert, officials said Sunday. All three investigations are ongoing, sheriff’s officials said, but the people deemed responsible could face charges for the illegal cultivation of cannabis and, in two of the cases, stealing electricity from Southern California Edison. The sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team served its first search warrant at 8 a.m. at a building in the 14700 block of Hesperia Road in Victorville, according to a sheriff’s news release. Deputies found more than 4,500 plants growing, the release said. The property tenants or owners had not obtained local or state licenses to grow more than the six marijuana plants allowed by the city. The operation is believed to have been going on for some time — advanced lighting, air-filtering and climate-control systems were in use, and major structural, electrical and plumbing modifications had been made to the building, authorities said. The modifications had been done without a city permit, and the building was deemed unsafe and red-tagged, the release said. 3 illegal marijuana grows raided in High Desert area

thumbnail courtesy of sbsun.com