Aurora Cannabis Obtains Health Canada Approval for Softgel Capsule Production at Aurora Vie Facility and Launches CanniMed Capsules 3:3 – New Cannabis Ventures

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Aurora is also proud to announce the launch, through its wholly-owned subsidiary CanniMed, of a line of hardshell, vegan, precision-dose, medical cannabis capsules. Balanced with a blend of equal concentrations of THC and CBD (3mg/capsule of each cannabinoid), the product has no taste and offers reliable, long-lasting and consistent effects. CanniMed Capsules are a game-changer for patients and healthcare professionals who have been seeking alternative delivery systems for medical cannabis.

Aurora continues to deliver on its strategy to build a robust portfolio of higher-margin products, and we are proud of the scientific innovation and dedication to patient well-being reflected by the launch of our cannabis capsules that offer a discreet and smoke free method of consumption for patients. While many people continue to use dried buds for medical symptom relief, there is growing global demand for alternative drug delivery technologies.

Through CanniMed and our partnership with Capcium, we are well-positioned to lead in this segment of the Cannabis market. We look forward to reporting on future innovations from the combined product development teams at Aurora, CanniMed, CTT pharmaceutical, Capcium and MedReleaf.

Cannabis capsules are preferred by healthcare professionals as they offer discreet, precision dosage, and have consistent and predictable efficacy. It is anticipated that once cannabis is legal for adult recreational use there will be significant consumer demand for encapsulated cannabis products. Aurora, its subsidiaries and partners share a strong, mutual belief in the importance of science to drive innovation in the form of marketable intellectual property, and new value-added products. Easy-to-use hardshell capsules and softgels deliver on this key mandate.

Headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, with funded capacity in excess of 570,000 kg per year and sales and operations in 14 countries across five continents, Aurora is one of the world’s largest and leading cannabis companies. Aurora is vertically integrated and horizontally diversified across every key segment of the value chain, from facility engineering and design to cannabis breeding and genetics research, cannabis and hemp production, derivatives, high value-add product development, home cultivation, wholesale and retail distribution.

Highly differentiated from its peers, Aurora has established a uniquely advanced, consistent and efficient production strategy, based on purpose-built facilities that integrate leading-edge technologies across all processes, defined by extensive automation and customization, resulting in the massive scale production of high quality product at ultra-low costs. Intended to be replicable and scalable globally, these production facilities are designed to produce cannabis of significant scale, with high quality, industry-leading yields, and ultra-low per gram production costs. Each of Aurora’s facilities is built to meet European Union (EU) GMP standards, and its first production facility, its recently acquired MedReleaf Markham facility and its wholly owned European medical cannabis distributor Pedanios have achieved this level of certification.



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