Hocking College hopes to offer 1st ‘hands-on’ medical cannabis tech degree in US


The Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) has approved Hocking College’s request to offer a cannabis laboratory technician major as part of their new Laboratory Sciences Program, according to a news release from the college. The cannabis laboratory technician is one component of the College’s new associate’s degree in laboratory science, the release said. The other two components are medical lab technician and chemical lab technician. The news release asserts that the program “is the only one in the nation that provides hands-on technical training for those seeking to work in medical cannabis quality assurance labs.” The cannabis laboratory major was established for workforce development, preparing students with sufficient depth and hands-on experience to allow them to become skilled technicians in this emerging area, the release said. Hocking College recently received a provisional license from the State of Ohio to operate a medical cannabis testing lab. According to the program director, Dr. Jonathan Cachat, the lab will provide hands-on training for students choosing the medical cannabis laboratory track. Hocking College hopes to offer 1st ‘hands-on’ medical cannabis tech degree in US

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