Laura Ingraham : My commentary was about keeping America safe .


foxnews.comI made clear that my commentary had nothing to do with race or ethnicity, but rather a shared goal of keeping America and her citizens safe and prosperous.

LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: Good evening. Welcome to Washington. I am Laura Ingraham and this is “The Ingraham Angle.” I want to start tonight by addressing my commentary at the top of last night’s show. A message to those who are distorting my views including all white nationalists and especially one racist freak whose name I will not even mention.

You do not have my support. You don’t represent my views and you are antithetical to the beliefs I hold dear. The purpose of last night’s Angle was to point out that the rule of law, meaning secure borders, is something that used to bind our country together. And despite what some may be contending, I made explicitly clear that my commentary had nothing to do with race or ethnicity, but rather a shared goal of keeping America safe and her citizens safe and prosperous.

Furthermore, as I have said repeatedly on the show, merit-based immigration does wonders for our country’s economy, our way of life, and how we define our country. I even said that in my opening thoughts last night.

First, in its latest iteration, the RealClearPolitics average of polls about the country’s direction finds that more Americans, 41.3 percent, find that Trump is setting us on the right track than at any other moment since December 2012. That’s the right track, wrong track. Second, to the idea that Trump’s base is shrinking, there is ample evidence to refute that.

A brand-new Pew Research poll finds that for most Trump voters, the warm feelings for him — I love that — the warm feelings for him over the past couple of years have endured. Furthermore, Trump has many more converts, people who voted for him but didn’t like him who have since warmed than those who liked him in 2016 and have “cooled” — I love the warm cooled.

And despite the near daily barrage of negative coverage about Mueller, tariffs, immigration, his approval ratings have remain pretty consistent. And they have even improved with his rural base despite the stories were told about the farmers who would turn on him over his aggressive trade policies.

ERIC NELSON, FARMER: I’m a big believer. If you are in a bad deal, be it a lease, be it an agreement with a business partner, you owe it to yourself to step up and try to make it better for both parties and negotiate it. But for sure, it needs to be better for yourself and I think simply that’s what this administration is attempting to do.

And that same Pew poll mentioned above also found that women with a college degree are the most likely Trump voters to have soured on him since the election. And finally, a recent Wall Street Journal-NBC poll found that just 36 percent of independents approve of Trump’s job, down seven points from just one month earlier. And also distractions. The president must — let’s face it — keep his eyes on the prize. Check out the complaint of this former Trump supporter.

The economy is good. It’s a period of peace and prosperity. So, women like Trump the protector, the strong guy. They like that. But for the swing voters, he might not seem as charming when it seems like he’s fighting everyone at once. They want things to calm down a little. For President Trump, the message is simple. Be the happy warrior we see at a lot of these rallies.

Our unemployment rate is so low, historically low, 50 years. Now, our economy is booming. Businesses are hiring and recruiting workers that were previously overlooked. They are being hired. It’s a great feeling. It’s a great thing that we have all accomplished.

Sets the stage for political debate — that final line is most important for Trump and Republicans. Use that data point. Draft off that economic success. Be positive about America’s current economic standings. It’s a great time to be an American. We have problems but my goodness, other than the early years of Reagan, I can’t think of a better economy.

But it also shows the motivation and the energy is definitely on the left. And for Trump supporters out there in the country, what they have to understand is the House is very losable and they can’t be cavalier about this idea that I am for Trump, but I’ll take a skip of the midterm, because if they do, the House could be lost. And if the House is lost, so much of the Trump agenda stops.

I completely agree with Candace. Let’s talk about what the Democrats are facing. The Republicans have headwinds. It’s not all peachy over in the Democrat side either. This was the new it girl for socialism, the poster child for socialism, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who said this yesterday when she was asked by Chris Cuomo about whether Nancy Pelosi is really the leader of the party or will be. Let’s watch.



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