World’s first cannabis breathalyser will help police catch stoned drivers


The first ever breathalyser which can detect both cannabis and alcohol could help police catch stoned drivers by the end of the year. The Californian company Hound Labs’ breathalyser can detect THC levels within minutes which will be a vast improvement on ‘sobriety tests’ and taking blood or saliva samples which have to be analysed at a laboratory. Marijuana is legal in nine U.S. states and the need to clamp down on drug-driving has become a priority for police forces with stoned drivers being blamed for an increase in accidents. The Colorado Department of Transportation revealed a 24% increase in traffic fatalities since marijuana became legal in 2014. Louisa Ashord, marketing manager for Hound Lab, said: ‘This will help ensure safety on our roads and in the workplace while also promoting fairness to people who use marijuana legally and responsibly. ‘The Hound breathalyser is one billion times more sensitive than today’s alcohol breathalysers.’ Mike Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Hound Labs, added: ‘We offer a solution that not only extends the boundaries of clinical research but also provides better information about recent marijuana use for employers, law enforcement and legislators who are trying to balance public safety with the fair treatment of responsible cannabis users.’ Hound Labs has spent three years testing the technology with the University of California and even conducted experiments with stoned drivers on a racetrack with obstacles. World’s first cannabis breathalyser will help police catch stoned drivers

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