Local Lawmaker Is Behind Push To Completely Legalize Marijuana I


wwnytv.com“There are lots of reasons to do this and treating it very similar to alcohol I think is the right step for New York to take,” said Jenne (D. – 116th District).

Jenne co-sponsors the pot bill. She says legalizing recreational marijuana could bring an economic boost.

“We are an agricultural area. Growing of marijuana and hemp is something that has been historically present here in the north country. We could really stand to benefit,” she said.

Last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo put together a work group to create a different pot legislation.

There are people trying to keep recreational marijuana illegal. The group Smart Approaches to Marijuana is afraid it would open a new door to addiction.

“We are ushering a new kind of tobacco big marijuana – an industry that’s going to commercialize, promote and normalize pot edibles, candies, cookies, sodas, gummy bears – all the kinds of things to attract and hook kids so they can get lifelong customers,” said Kevin Sabet, president & CEO of SAM.

Jenne says under the proposed pot bill, the legal age would be 21. There’s also language to make it legal for people to grow a small amount.

Four years ago, New York state legalized medical marijuana. Now, it’s a few steps closer to completely legalizing the drug.



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