Will over-regulation of cannabis help sustain the black market?


The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Part of cannabis laws and regulations Profit vs. prudence: Food sector prepares for edible cannabis Go to more storieson cannabis lawsand regulations With the legalization of cannabis, the Government of Canada has a range of objectives: protecting children and youth by limiting their exposure and access to cannabis; protecting adult consumers by establishing a secure and high-quality supply of legal cannabis; and diminishing the black-market role in the Canadian cannabis market. These objectives are interconnected and to a large extent depend on the creation of a legal cannabis regime that offers users convenient access to desirable products. Shifting adult users to safe, quality-controlled products protects the public and allows opportunities for education around safe usage and potential harms. advertisement Protecting young people from enticements to cannabis use and restricting youth access to it both depend on reducing or eliminating the black market. As long as the black market operates, young people who are barred from the legal market will be an attractive target for sellers. Reducing or eliminating the black market depends on shifting adult users to the legal market; this will require legal sellers to respond to users’ preferences regarding retail arrangements and access to products, product types, marketing and so on. Will over-regulation of cannabis help sustain the black market?

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