Brazil Is Mulling Over Marijuana Legalization


The largest country in South America is mulling over marijuana legalization. Earlier this week, Brazil’s socialist Worker’s Party has introduced a bill that would legalized medical as well as recreational cannabis in the South American country. And while support for legalization is high among voters, the opposition to marijuana reform remains strong in Brazil. Inspired by countries that have repealed cannabis prohibition, the Worker’s Party recently introduced a legalization bill to the nation’s House of Representatives last Tuesday. But that’s probably as far as that legislation will get – despite the fact that a 2014 government survey found that 57 percent of Brazilian’s support the legalization of medical marijuana. “It’s probably not going to go anywhere, but it’s definitely an issue that is becoming more popular among the left,” Brazil-based journalist Glenn Greenwald explained to Marijuana Moment. Brazil Is Mulling Over Marijuana Legalization

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