Weed commission says legalise marijuana


The reclassification from a dangerous drug to a controlled substance and legalisation of marijuana has been recommended by the Caribbean Community’s (CARICOM) Regional Commission on Marijuana. Released Sunday, the commission’s report discussed the potential economic, legal and social implications as well as health applications of the plant’s use. “The commission is unanimous in its view that ultimately, legal policy toward marijuana should be informed – not by punitive approaches – but by public health rationales within a human rights, social justice, and developmental perspective,” the report stated. “A too-limited approach to law reform, including one that focuses only on medical marijuana, would be counterproductive and inimical to the goals of Caribbean development a balanced approach that would meet the main social justice, public health rights and citizen security objectives of the region would be a hybrid or mixed option.” While the report suggested a ban on the substance in public places, it also called for the decriminalization of marijuana and suggested that persons with past marijuana-related offences should have their records expunged. The report encouraged governments to allow small farmers and small businesses to be included in the production and supply of chain with appropriate controls. It also maintained the prohibition of the substance to minors with the exception of when used for medicinal purposes. Weed commission says legalise marijuana

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