Anti-abortion groups could learn a lot from the Tories’ strategy on cannabis


So it’s welcome when politicians are prepared for children to scream unnecessarily in pain, as it shows they’re concerned for our health. Sometimes those who are most resolute against any use of cannabis try to find evidence that supports their case. So they might argue: “If we allow cannabis oil to be used where it’s proven to save lives, this will lead to an increase of drug abuse across society. Because every study shows people who are alive tend to take more drugs than dead people, so this sets a dangerous precedent.” But there are signs the anti-drugs lobby has become more sophisticated in putting its case forward, as supporters now say they won’t consider researching the actual dangers of cannabis, even when their ex-leader William Hague suggests they should. This is so much more honest than the old method of commissioning a report then announcing the evidence can’t possibly be right, and getting Ann Widdecombe to go on the news and shout: “Cannabis is WICKED, I don’t care WHAT’S in this 5,000-page study written by the world’s leading physicians – it makes everyone who smokes it think they’re an otter and live in a stream!” For example, the Labour government famously sacked their advisor on drugs for advising that every scientific approach suggested cannabis was “less harmful than tobacco or alcohol”. And it served him right, because he wasn’t supposed to use science and data; he was supposed to write a report that went: “I heard about a lad who had one puff and turned into an Eskimo. Anti-abortion groups could learn a lot from the Tories’ strategy on cannabis

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