It’s time for Britain to legalise marijuana


Alfie Dingley is a six year-old boy from Kenilworth in Warwickshire who has a rare form of epilepsy which can cause him to suffer up to 150 seizures each month. In order to treat his condition, his family took him to the Netherlands where they were able to give him a cannabis-based treatment which reduced the severity to one seizure per month. However, now that the family have returned home to Britain it would be illegal for them to continue giving Alfie the cannabis-based medicine which had such a miraculous effect on him. Epileptic medical marijuana user Alfie Dingley and family In the wake of his case, as well as a similar case involving 12 year-old Billy Caldwell, there are now widespread calls to legalise medical marijuana in Britain. Former Conservative leader William Hague – not exactly a well-known stoner, more of a 14 pints of real ale man – went one step further, calling for cannabis to be completely legalised. Unfortunately, Theresa May’s government showed characteristic lousy judgement to quickly shoot down the suggestion. It’s time for Britain to legalise marijuana

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