German Marijuana Patient Faces $2600 Fine for 5 Kilo Grow


Anyone who gets caught with 5 kilograms, or more than 11 pounds, of cannabis in Germany can expect prison time, even if the accused is a medical marijuana patient and lives in a liberal federal state such as Berlin. However, amid efforts to destigmatize medical cannabis, courts are increasingly showing understanding for cannabis patients in need. That was the case Thursday, June 14, 2018, when an HIV patient in Berlin was issued a fine for possession of 5 kilograms of cannabis. Stefan Konikowski, 55, who has HIV and hepatitis C, was sentenced by the Berlin-Tiergarten district court to 150 installments of 15 euros each, or a total of $2,614.50, based on the euro-US dollar exchange rate Monday, June 18, 2018. The defendant and his lawyer asserted to the presiding judge and both lay judges that Konikowski never had the intention to sell, but was using cannabis to alleviate his HIV and hepatitis C symptoms. During the trial, Konikowski talked about his HIV infection in 1994, his self-therapy with cannabis and futile struggle for a reimbursement by his health insurance. As an early retiree, Konikowski, is unable to pay for his own therapy. German Marijuana Patient Faces $2600 Fine for 5 Kilo Grow

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