If cannabis saves a child it should be legal


Fifteen European countries endorse the use of medical marijuana but, perversely, Britain still confiscates it Billy Caldwell was having up to a hundred seizures a night, his small body convulsed. His mother Charlotte was convinced many times that her son, who has intractable epilepsy and autism, would die before the morning. Then 18 months ago, she saved up enough money to take him to America he was prescribed cannabis-based oil. “It wasn’t a miracle cure but he has been transformed,” she explained to me this week. “Slowly the seizures stopped, he could walk on his own and wear normal shoes. He began to make eye contact, even watch TV for ten minutes and eventually ran to me calling ‘mummy’.” When she ran out of money, she went home to County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, where her GP prescribed the oral cannabis Unlock quality journalism on the topics that you decide matter most. If cannabis saves a child it should be legal

thumbnail courtesy of thetimes.co.uk


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