The Folly Of Legalising Marijuana: Why Shashi Tharoor Is Wrong


    Shashi Tharoor’s arguments for legalising marijuana has many holes. Let’s examine. The promised new era is almost here. We are at the cusp of a technological revolution that will enable robots to perform many of the routine tasks that today employ human beings.  Most jobs in transportation will be lost to autonomous vehicles, most jobs in factories and farming will be outsourced to untiring and self-replicating robots, and most jobs in the service industries will be taken over by AI and machine-learning systems. The good news is that this will unleash productivity on a scale as yet unfathomable, which means that overall wealth will increase immensely. Assuming that society figures out how to ensure that income inequality does not go completely haywire, this wealth can be used to benefit all humans, most likely through a Universal Basic Income that will make sure that all of us benefit from the post-scarcity world that we are about to witness. Shashi Tharoor, stalwart of the left-lib intellectuals and a Congress party lawmaker, makes the intellectual case for legalizing marijuana in this article While I truly applaud him for taking on a very controversial subject and taking an unpopular stand, I will posit that his arguments are, to put it mildly, unpersuasive. The Folly Of Legalising Marijuana: Why Shashi Tharoor Is Wrong

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