Five Danish political parties support legalisation of cannabis


Police are wasting their resources on a never-ending battle to clamp down on the sale of recreational marijuana, which is illegal in Denmark, the parties say. Recent weeks have seen extensive police crackdowns in the Pusher Street market in Copenhagen’s alternative enclave Christiania, from where traders sell marijuana and related products. But the law against selling recreational cannabis enables organised crime networks to profit hugely from illegal trade, say the five parties – Alternative, the Red Green Alliance (Enhedslisten), the Socialist People’s Party, the Social Liberal (Radikale Venstre) party and Liberal Alliance. The libertarian Liberal Alliance is a coalition partner in Denmark’s conservative government, while the other four parties are all in opposition. The five parties are scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss a pathway to legalising the plant in Denmark. Torsten Gejl, spokesperson with Alternative on the issue, said that state control of marijuana sale would be beneficial for both users of cannabis and society as a whole. Five Danish political parties support legalisation of cannabis

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