CBD shops open in Paris as use spreads across France


The first cannabis “coffee shops” are opening in the Paris region as the legal use of CBD (cannabidiol) spreads across the country. Two establishments have begun selling the product in recent weeks, with one in Puteaux (western Paris, Hauts-de-Seine) and one in the 11th arrondissement. Named E-Klop and Cofyshop respectively, each sells legal cannabis – known as CBD – in several formats, including crystals, syrup, sweets, oil, vaping liquid, balm, and ground herb. CBD is a molecule derived from the cannabis plant, which offers similar effects to normal cannabis, but without the psychoactivity. It has a maximum of 0.2% of THC (the psychoactive element in cannabis). This means it is technically legal, with the Minister for Health announcing in November that the presence of CBD in products for public consumption was authorised. CBD shops open in Paris as use spreads across France

thumbnail courtesy of connexionfrance.com

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