These are the world’s best selling cannabis strains


Legal cannabis production and consumption is being given the green light in more countries and American states as each year passes, here we compile the best selling strains. Cannabis is now a billion dollar business concern in America and with legal consumption comes best selling lists and ever higher grade products. There are now hundreds of cannabis strains for sale with all kinds of weird and wonderful names, including Neville’s Haze, Super Sour Berry, Acapulco Gold, Laughing Buddha, Violator Kush and Red Dragon. However, these five cannabis strains appear on best selling lists in US dispensaries and global seed selling websites and can be declared the world’s popular weed strains. First up is a classic, White Widow, which has been around for an age and is still a global best seller. White Widow gets its name from a thick coating of white trichome crystals which develop at the end of its flowering period. These are the world’s best selling cannabis strains

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