Isn’t it about time we legalised marijuana?


An excellent piece as ever by Matthew Norman on the inability of any UK government to peep over the parapet of its paranoia to take note of a change of approach in other countries regarding cannabis, a naturally occurring plant that has been in use around the world for untold centuries – even in parts of Trump’s US, for heaven’s sake. Humans (and some animals) have always had a propensity for ingesting mind altering substances – gosh, maybe they just like the effect. We can’t expect any change in policy from this government, which will no doubt continue to dismiss any voice of reason stating the bleeding obvious, even from their own appointed experts.  Oh the sweet smoky puff of hypocrisy, weed or cordite flavoured depending. To hear that the government has just lost the country £2bn by selling some of its stake in the Royal Bank of Scotland makes me sick. Like the £1bn given to the Northern Irish government to secure the DUP’s support for the Conservatives, our politicians seem only too happy to be profligate with the nation’s money for political reasons. They are happy to give everyone’s hard earned cash away without regard to the individuals who have to pay for it, just so that the rich get richer and those same politicians can retain their hold on power. Isn’t it about time we legalised marijuana?

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