‘Largest-ever’ Lebanese hashish haul fills entire football field


Lebanese security forces have made the country’s biggest-ever drugs bust after confiscating 15 tonnes of hashish, which had been prepped to be shipped abroad. Pictures of the haul shared online showed thousands of packets of drugs lined up to fill an entire football field. “This is the biggest bust in the history of Lebanon with regards to drugs produced and prepared to be sold,” a Internal Security Forces (ISF) source told The Telegraph. A video showed security forces raiding a warehouse in southern Beirut where paint buckets were filled with the cannabis-products. The labels on the buckets belonged to a paint factory that was not related to the smuggling operation, according to an ISF statement. Major General Imad Othman, the head of the ISF, said seven people had been arrested, including a Customs employee. ‘Largest-ever’ Lebanese hashish haul fills entire football field

thumbnail courtesy of telegraph.co.uk


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