Judge’s ruling on smoking medical marijuana could force state to act


By continuing to use this site, you give your consent to our use of cookies for analytics, personalization and ads. LEARN MORE Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau Leon County Circuit Judge Karen Gievers said Monday she will decide quickly on whether to lift an automatic stay on her ruling declaring that the state’s ban on smoking medical marijuana is unconstitutional If she lifts the ban, it will force Gov. Rick Scott and state regulators to move forward on rules they have spent the last two years trying to delay. But, even “though the department hasn’t done what it was supposed to within six months of what the voters ordered,” Gievers suggested she might delay her stay for a limited amount of time to give the Department of Health time to start the process to authorize smoking as a legal form of medical marijuana consumption. Gievers ruled on May 25 that a state law that prohibited patients who get a doctor’s permission to be treated with medical marijuana from smoking was “overreaching” and violated the 2016 constitutional amendment that legalized marijuana for a wide range of ailments. The local news you need to start your day Scott and the Florida Department of Health appealed the ruling, prompting an automatic stay. Judge’s ruling on smoking medical marijuana could force state to act

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